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PD: A girl stands against a white wall, wearing a traditional Indian sari that is hot pink, blue, & gold with paisley accents and sparkly glitter. Her hands are at her sides, wearing blue bangles on her wrists.

Update: Nikki successfully returned to India.

Nikki is co-foster mom to 10 amazing kids, and adopted mom to 1! As the time comes soon for her visa to expire, she has come to the decision to stay in India indefinitely. She feels led by God that this is what she is meant to do for the time being, and I fully support her. I have never met Nikki or her awesome co-foster mom Tori personally, but I know they are doing and have done great things in the lives of 10+ special kids at Sarah’s Covenant Homes in India. I have blogged about both SCH and Nikki before, and here I am again!

Below is the copy from Nikki’s support page.

In her own words:


Update 2017: *Theo (Vignesh) has been adopted and now lives in America with his wonderful family!

At the same time, Nikki and Tori are raising funds to get cochlear implants for *Theo, the newest and youngest addition to their home. *Theo has been found to be 95% D/deaf, and in India, this can decrease his ability to communicate, as ASL or sign language are not valid forms of communication in rural areas where there is a largely under-educated population. Cochlear implants will allow *Theo to more closely interact with the world around him. *Theo’s foster brother, *Nolan, has had one cochlear implant placed and is doing well with both speech therapy and continued ASL taught by his moms and other rehabilitation staff (update: *Nolan no longer uses his processors, as they are of no benefit to him. He communicates using sign language!).

Nikki and Tori use modified ASL with *Lily, *Molly, *Selah, *Chloe, *Louise, and *Nolan, who are currently non-verbal or partially non-verbal, and *Theo is already learning some signs! His being young and living with *Nolan and *Louise, as well as being in contact with a family who signs and speaks, will help him adjust to the cochlear implants. *Nolan is doing great – let’s help *Theo have the same opportunities as his elder brother!

An ENT decided to FULLY FUND *Theo’s implant surgery! So happy to report. 🙂 Money donated to *Theo’s cause has been gifted to another child at SCH, *Michele, who is receiving emergency surgery [*Michele has since been adopted].

*Lily, *Dinah, and *Molly have CP, and *Molly is a wheelchair user; are blind and have institutional autism; *Nolan is D/deaf; *Jasmine, *Cedar, *Chloe, and *Mae are blind; *Selah has a seizure disorder  – but there is nothing ‘wrong’ with any of these children! They are all unique and special in their own ways.

*Mae has joined the home. Vignesh, Divya (*Addie, adopted by Merissa!), CK (*Brianna), Aleeya (*Louise), Deepa (*Charlotte, adopted by Nikki!), and *Teagan have been adopted!

*Selah and *Mae are now attending school. This is rare in India – children with disabilities or  special needs are often rejected from schools, especially if their needs are severe.

*Jasmine, *Dinah, *Molly, *Lily, *Nolan, and *Cedar all learn at home at Anjali School for the Blind.

SCH is run completely on donations. They rely on the goodness of others in all aspects. All necessary surgeries for the more than 150 children in SCH’s care are funded completely through donations, which is why they need YOUR help to stay up and running! SCH recently transitioned all children in their care into smaller, family-style foster homes, which is great for their individual development, and they are thriving.

SCH has provided kids who needed them with wheelchairs – something many kids with disabilities in the US have at a much younger age. SCH provides care to orphaned and abandoned children, as well as those who do not have families who can care for them. They rescue kids with disabilities and medical needs from government orphanages where the do not receive adequate care or medical attention. They advocate to either reunite children with their families, place them into local or international adoption, or provide a place where they can live safely for the rest of their lives.

In addition, they are trying to expand into the community, to help keep biological families who have kids with disabilities together. Their ultimate goal is sustainability, and to move toward this goal, they’ve developed a vocational program for the older children who are capable of making jewelry or packaging spices, among other projects, and are always putting other supports into place for the community. They partner with both the local and global communities to sell these products. SCH is a great non-profit organization which I will always support. Please help Nikki with her mission to stay in India, and/or support any of the other projects SCH is aiming to fund. Every little bit counts – just as every child at SCH counts.


An important part of SCH’s work is YOU! SCH relies on donations to keep running. Donation opportunities include monthly child sponsors at any cost per month, from as low as $25/month. Sponsorship usually costs between $300 and $500 per child, depending on complexity of needs and which city they live in (Ongole or Hyderabad).

You can sponsor any child who needs additional funding at SCH by using the resources found here. Use these resources to get involved in other ways, such as becoming an advocate or volunteering. You can also become a medical sponsor (ideal for large groups or organizations who wish to support SCH) and donate toward monthly emergency medical expenses; or become an educational sponsor and donate toward a specific on-site school. Learn about other ways to give charitably to SCH here, and check back often for additional opportunities.

Connect with SCH: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

*A note about names: SCH uses online nicknames for the children in order to protect their identity, per Indian governmental guidelines which state that children in care may not have identifying photos of them on the internet, as well as no identifying information such as birth name, place of origin, etc.

PD: the SCH logo – black text reads ‘sch’; red text below reads ‘sarah’s covenant homes’; heart-shaped flowers bloom from the name.

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