New Section on Reece’s Rainbow

PD: 2 children cuddle on the floor, & 1 has Down Syndrome. Text over the image reads: “ Live simply so others may simply live. Mother Theresa. #downsyndrome #adoption #specialneeds #orphannomore”

Regardless of the controversy surrounding Reece’s Rainbow, and in the midst of the entire US-Russian adoption debacle, a new section has appeared on the website. This section breaks my heart. Why? It is a list of children who are at risk of aging out of their respective country’s care systems. While I think that it is great this section exists so we can spread awareness, it is very sad to me that this category has to exist!

If you are thinking about adopting an older child, please do not hesitate to check out this new section ASAP.  These children need commitments, and quickly, or they may miss their window of opportunity for adoption and be lost in their respective care systems forever, never to know the love, healing, and care of a family.

While I have had absolutely no experience whatsoever with adoption myself (I’m only 22), older children deserve to be adopted just as much as infants, toddlers, and younger children.  They may come home with more personal baggage than a younger child, but these are good kids who just want to know the love of a family.  Single children and sibling groups are available; some children have younger siblings, some do not.  Others have been legally separated from their siblings to allow for individual adoptions.

I implore you not to overlook this section of RR if you are just starting out in your adoption journey.

New Category at Reece’s Rainbow: Aging Out


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