Finding Home: Our Soul Cultures

Finding Home: Our Soul Cultures.

I had to share this.  Please, go read it; I’d never heard of it before, but after hearing accounts of people near and far taking trips to far-off places from their own homes and discovering that they feel a special connection to a culture that is vastly different from their own, I am starting to think more about ‘soul cultures’.

I’m thinking of Sarah at SCH, India, of Nikki, who has visited many places including SCH and feels special connections with many people worldwide, of Theresa, who spent a great amount of time in both Africa and at SCH in India, of Erin from the Alex Agape Foundation, who after spending time at SCH opened another special needs home in Alwal, India,  of Andrew and Edolbina, who volunteered briefly at SCH and continue to travel the globe helping others, and many other people whom I have not mentioned, or not yet discovered, who have made a difference (and continue to do so) in so many lives through the visits, volunteering and work they’ve done across the globe, and so many others who feel as if their own culture is not the ‘only one’ in which they feel comfortable.

I don’t know that they’d say any one culture was their ‘soul culture’ specifically, but perhaps they would.

I hope I will eventually get to discover, explore, and cherish my own soul culture.  We are one big world, full of wonder and awe, hardship and pain, joy and happiness, and so much more.



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