105 in 105, day 99: Jasper!

Today is *Jasper’s day! Jasper needs $300/month to be fully sponsored. You can sponsor him here.

He’s 13 and has a simply BEAUTIFUL grin! Very handsome. He lives in Faith Home Yellow. He was in the second group of children to arrive at SCH way back in 2009, and has made great progress! You see, when *Jasper arrived at SCH, he seemed to be on death’s doorstep. He was severely malnourished to the point of being skin and bones, and had a manageable chronic illness that was not in-check. *Jasper has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and an intellectual disability, but is now negative for that chronic illness. That’s great news!

What *Jasper also has is a sense of humor and a gentle heart! Those things by far outweigh the negative things he’s had to overcome in his life. *Jasper is really great friends with *Josh (they’re about the same age, too!) and loves to be in the company of the other boys in his foster home as well. He has a sweet personality and loves to be tickled, which always gets a good Cheshire cat grin out of him!

Sponsorship covers his nutritional needs, medical care, ayah, nurse, or caregiver, and a safe place to grow and thrive, plus so much more! Jasper has aged out of the possibility of international adoption, but you can still be a part of his life by pledging a monthly donation to his sponsorship fund. Let’s keep this boy giggling and smiling, and ensure that he has the chance at the most comfortable life that SCH can give to him. Jasper is loved and so very special! Become a part of his village.

From his sponsorship page:

Name:  Jasper

Age: 13

Birth Date: June 1999

Date to SCH: February 2009

Other Details about me:  I have Cerebral Palsy, an Intellectual Disability, and Epilepsy. This past year, after an accidental burn, I had to undergo skin grafts. I am quiet, but accepting of touch and allow adults to hold me. I have a beautiful smile.

Spread the word, sponsor a child.

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