Sharing a Status from SCH

I know no one really reads this blog anyway, but I thought I’d re-post this Facebook update here.

SCH is still looking for donors to contribute to the 2012 school year for the mainstream private school-going children!  Can you help?

From SCH’s Facebook page:

Hi again!  Everyone has been so great helping take care of the last few sets of needs that have sprung up, it really has been amazing seeing them get taken care of.  One item that hasn’t gotten attention lately is our school fees. 2nd term fees are due, and we need to pay them soon. Would you consider helping us take care of the remaining fees for school?  Our target for the year is $16,000, and we have received a little over $9,000 so far. Can you help finish the remaining amount for the year?

You can donate directly here (old link).  This is a REALLY BIG need!  Sending eligible children to English school improves their chances of success and ensures they receive the best education possible.  Please help in any way you can by giving a donation or SHARING THIS NEED.

Spread the word, sponsor a child!


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