Final Day – 5 Hours Left

There are 5 hours left to help *Wendy through Nikki’s fundraiser.  *Wendy’s donation button is stuck at $387.  She has $471.50 in her adoption fund, I am not sure if this is before or after the donations we have made as I’m not sure if funds are deposited into a child’s fund before or after the particular button fundraiser ends.

Please help *Wendy have a better chance at finding a family.

Every little bit helps.

No donation is too small.

No child is not worthy of love.

I am begging you to help.  I know you have a life, you may have financial problems, you have your own family and situation to worry about… but that’s the thing.  In an orphanage or institution, without love, you don’t have any of those things.  You don’t even have a family, and you are lucky if you EVER receive love.  Or two minutes of attention.

Please consider even the smallest donation.

I know I sound like a nag.

I know I’ve never met *Wendy, or Nikki,  or any orphan from the Reece’s Rainbow website.  But I love to help.  And I will, in any way I can.

I’m 21 and unmarried, but if I was able, I’d be adopting a child.  I still plan to do so one day; but ‘when’ is in the cards.  I don’t know ‘when’ I’ll be able to do it, so until I’m able, I’ll help by donating my money.  Donating my time to advocating.  What Nikki has chosen to do has touched me.  I now want to help too, in any way I can.

Can YOU help?  Yes, you can.

I don’t know who reads this blog, but if you’re out there, please consider helping.  And if you already have, a heart-felt thank you from me is in order.

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