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Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India rescues abandoned and orphaned children from government orphanages in India, mostly with disabilities, and provides them with food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and most importantly, love and affection. Sarah is in the process of transitioning to multiple, family-style living arrangements for smaller numbers of the children at SCH, in order to provide them the best care, love, and life possible. SCH has many needs and welcomes donations of funds, clothing, toys, medical equipment, and fundraising, and also supports and encourages volunteer work!

Connect with SCH: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Erin has volunteered at Sarah’s Covenant Homes and is in the process of starting her own children’s home. Head over to her Facebook page at The Alex Agape Foundation for more information. Erin hopes to cover the costs of this venture through charitable donations and fundraising. Please consider donating to her cause.

Nikki advocates for SCH and a few other causes that are dear to her. She was touched and changed deeply by a beautiful little girl named Anjali, with whom she worked for a month. Anjali recently passed away to meet her Father in heaven, but her legacy continues to change lives through Nikki. She’s amazingly wonderful, and I wish her the best as she returns to India this summer to work on the rehabilitation of four children specifically. Nikki’s video celebrating Anjali’s life can be viewed at the link to the left. If you don’t know about Anjali, I hope this video helps to convey what an amazing little girl she was.

Follow Nikki and her daughter, Deepa, who is blind, on their Facebook page: One Tiny Starfish! She also has a website:


Nikki discusses what it is like to raise a blind child at both of those sources. Her Facebook page is a quicker way to read about small snippets of their days together, as well as gather resources for the blind, learn about other blind people or people who have someone who is blind in their life, and much more. The blog is a more in-depth, detailed look.

Update: Nikki and Merissa (her current co-foster mom) are now the foster parents of 12 children at SCH: *Lily, *Nolan, *Molly, *Dinah, *Cedar, *Jasmine, *Selah, *Chloe, *Brianna, *Mae, *Teagan, and *Addie (whom Merissa is in the process of adopting).

*Theo  *Louise, and *Charlotte (named Deepa – adopted by Nikki in 2017!) have been adopted!

Due to government regulations in India, Nikki and Tori’s blogs have had to be made private, as all photographs of the children had to be removed from the internet. SCH is in the process of trying to resolve this issue; however, at this time, you will need to subscribe in order to read either of their blogs until further notice. Tori has a public version of her blog; however, it does not feature any photos. To read the photo version, you must sign up for her mailing list, which is written on the side of the blog page at the top. Her blog is called His Strength, Not Mine. Nikki’s blog can be found here.

Nikki and Tori have also started a school for blind children under age 7, called Anjali School for the Blind (ASB). Follow Nikki’s public blog here for more information on that venture.

ASB logo

In India, education for blind children begins at age 7, as it is believed children who cannot see will not benefit from earlier education intervention. As such, they created their own school for the kids in their care, as well as other young children at SCH – and are in the process of inviting pupils from the community to join. They have received their first community pupil!

Reece’s Rainbow Adoption Ministry advocates for children with Down Syndrome and other special needs overseas. They operate a photolisting of children available for adoption and you can also follow the progress of families who are in the process of adopting a child(ren) through the website.


Rainbow Kids Adoption also has a photolisting of children available for adoption abroad with a range of situations of children from many backgrounds.


Children’s Home Society of Minnesota has a blog where they feature children available for adoption, as well as a password-protected service for  carrying out adoptions.


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