Dear Anjali,

Any God could not have chosen a more perfect angel than you, dear, sweet, beautiful, amazing little girl. You lived, and it seems you lived – and were loved – to the fullest extent of many hearts.

Your passing just doesn’t make any sense to me right now – but then again, no one’s passing before their time ever does. My shock will not allow me to cry right now, but I am sure it will hit me. Like a heavy weight on my chest, like having the wind knocked out of my body, it will hit me. News of your passing is very hard for me to hear, but I can’t imagine how infinitely much harder it must be for Nikki, and those who had the amazing opportunity of working with you and personally loving you with all their hearts, and more.

Even though I did not have the immense experience of meeting you, you have impacted my life so much. You are the reason I am dedicated to donating to, and advocating for, the children and young adults of SCH, because beautiful, wonderful things happened for you during your three years of living in an environment in which you thrived; and good things continue to happen for all the children left behind you, and I continue to see those wonderful things today, through what I am able to glean from Sarah’s blog posts, Facebook, and other sources.

You are the reason I will continue on my quest to better myself and never give up. You accomplished more in your little life than most will ever accomplish in 100 years on earth. You are loved more than there are stars in the sky, bigger than the moon at night, farther than the distance to India from other, far-away places. Yes, God has chosen a precious angel – a precious Anjali. Nikki’s, and everyone else’s, efforts and immense love for you from near and far were not in vain.

Though I mostly knew you as ‘April’, I now know that your beautiful name, Anjali, means ‘divine offering’ in Sanskrit. I am not sure how I feel about this; I do not want to offer you to a God, for that means that you can no longer spread joy and understanding here on earth.

However, if this was your calling, your purpose – to be the focus of immense affection from across the globe of people who have never met you, as well as the ones who have, and change their lives (and mine) for the better – then so-be-it. On one hand, I know you are in a better place and free of pain, frustration, and all the barriers to communication you encountered in your eight years on earth. On the other hand, and it is a selfish reason, I will never have the immense pleasure of meeting you in person and sharing amazing times with you, as others have been able. Those at Sarah’s Covenant Homes lost a jewel when you met your Father.

Anjali, you are an inspiration that I can do anything I put my mind to, an inspiration far and near. You are a princess, you are divine love at its purest. You will always live in my heart, always push me to keep holding on and keep going.  A perfect example of a little girl who lived, thrived, loved. Your life had purpose. Your life had meaning. And now, you are celebrated. You are loved. You are forever in our hearts and minds.

Though I never got to meet her, Anjali inspires me every day to push myself as hard as I can. When I think about her, there is no such thing as failure. She made progress every day of her life, even with the little things she learned as she grew from a scared, tiny, neglected five year old in a government orphanage to a stunning young lady who was loved, who had a home at SCH and a mother in Sarah and a Father in God. Though I did not know her personally, I know she blossomed and flourished in many aspects of her life.

I wrote most of these words about you nearly a year ago, when you were just turning a beautiful seven years old. Yes, if you go back to that post you will find I have edited it, but it is in essence the same message. You touched more lives than you was even aware of here on earth. Life is fleeting, and your sad passing is just a reminder to live life to the fullest extent possible, regardless of ability. There are no mistakes in life, only divergences from the destined path. Your name, your ‘divine offering’, will live on forever in the hearts and minds of many who love you dearly.

Rest peacefully, pretty little dove. You will be sorely missed. I will never forget you, and I vow to push myself farther than I believe I can go in your beautiful memory. Because of you, I know my calling in life. It may not have come about in the same way as it did for Nikki, but I will continue to donate to SCH and your memory. And in the future, I will pursue the international adoption of as many children as the divine powers that be will allow me. I will always love you.

You are perfect in my eyes.


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