Update: Anjali, also known as *April online, passed away this week at SCH.

Her beautiful little life lives on forever in the hearts and minds of those who loved her from near and far. See my most recent blog post.

My heart hurts, aches for this beautiful child, but I know she is no longer suffering. Please continue to advocate for little *Molly and all the beautiful children of SCH. Their lives have meaning; their lives are amazing. Please consider a donation of any denomination to Sarah’s Covenant Homes and offer your sympathy to all of those who will miss dear Anjali greatly, including Nikki, who spent a month with her in life.

I’m redirecting you to Nikki’s blog, One Tiny Starfish, in hopes that you will be able to learn about the amazing little girl who has a special place in her heart – *April, a young girl who lives at Sarah’s Covenant Homes in India. Though I have never met her, *April inspires me everyday to push myself as hard as I can. When I think about *April, there is no such thing as failure. *April makes progress in her life every day, even with the little things she learns as she grows into a stunning young lady. *April is turning seven years old this month, and she is well on her way to walking. Though I do not know her, I know she is blossoming and flourishing in many aspects of her life.

You can read about and donate to SCH India here:
SCH official website


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