Gender is a Construct of Society.

I dislike the genderisation that modern society seems to place on children’s toys. It is not going to harm the development of a child if he wants to wear a dress and be the ‘mommy’ of a plastic doll, or she wants to play with trucks and make mudpies.

No, I don’t have scientific evidence to back it up, but I have experienced working at a daycare, with children whose interests range all through the spectrum, and all of them have developed normally. We also have 5 (soon to be 6) alumni who are excelling in their post-daycare schools, and they all played with the same toys, regardless of gender, for anywhere from one summer to four years.

I find it annoying and restrictive to tell a child that he cannot make a thread bracelet because it is a ‘girl thing to do’. If a female child is interested in building things, that’s fine! It’s also fine if a male child wants to dress up and pretend to be a mommy. I think the child that is exposed to the most diverse age-appropriate toys will turn out just fine.

I am not saying in any way that children should have mountains of toys they never even touch, but it will not kill them to have a toy (or borrow a sister’s or brother’s toy) that is marketed toward the opposite sex. It bothers me when negative qualities based on toy genderisation are targeted at children. There is nothing wrong with playing with all different kinds of toys!

Sexual anatomy is created by nature, gender is constructed by humans.

I lost track of my thoughts on this post. I feel like it should be longer.


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