Disliking snow.

It’s exam day, and then I’m done with my school for this semester.

Boy, am I glad it’s almost over… this term has been absolutely exhausting. I never want to schedule two work-intensive classes on the same day or even during the same semester again.

What makes it worse is all of this damn snow! The roads are a mess and everyone who would normally know how to drive has suddenly forgotten how to do so in the snow, regardless of how many previous years they have done so. It’s like everyone forgets how to drive at the first flake of snow and the state breaks down into complete pandemonium.

This semester has been really weird, especially with Christmas coming up in less than 2 weeks. Today is ten days til the event and I still don’t have all my shopping done. In fact, I’ve scarcely been able to start it at all. It doesn’t help that Liebchen keeps ‘forgetting’ to bring me his list. I have bribed him with the exchange of his list for a Monster energy drink, forgotten at my house earlier this week. Hopefully, that should work! After today, bring on the holiday parties! We have 3 so far… a neighbor’s birthday on Friday, a family gift exchange on Saturday, daycare Christmas party on the 22nd, perhaps a party for the other side of the family TBA, and also dinner and dad’s birthday on Christmas day. We are so busy!

I am beginning to really despise dentists. For one thing, I can’t get a hold of mine, and Liebchen’s is having him go for surgery to get two of his wisdom teeth pulled, 3 days before Christmas! Talk about crappy insurance… it was either then, or on spring break. They must have terrible coverage.

After this holiday is over, I’m not eating anything unhealthy for 2 months. I was even considering a raw food diet, but I don’t think I can commit to that, especially not with the beginning of a new semester and a more frequent work schedule this time. So I have decided to set my resolution for losing five pounds after the holiday. No more snacking in uncontrolled portions, grabbing junk food on the go, or eating too much at once (especially when out to eat). More veggies and trying new fruits, smaller portions, more whole grains, less refined sugar, etc, etc…. you get the picture.

Happy holidays.

Countdown to Christmas: 10 days


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