Ignorance really is bliss.

Sometimes, we know things we’d rather not know.

Knowledge can be a powerful weapon. How do I come to this conclusion? How crazy would you think I was if I told you it started with an animated movie and a talk with my grandma? Sometimes, people tell you things in confidence, and you struggle with what to do with that information. I recently saw the movie ‘Tangled’ with my grandma. I’ll spare you the movie details on case you haven’t seen it, but it is essentially a story about a young girl who is lied to for most of her life, and later finds out the truth about her situation.

I don’t feel as if I’ve been lied to all my life, but I do think that we go through life hearing many stories from various sources, and you never know who is telling you the truth and who may potentially be lying to you. I guess I should just try to never jump to conclusions since there can be more than one side to every story.


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