In Need of New Shoes!

I think I need new shoes… I got to school today and it was raining. 1st half of the day went fine, but after the big downpour around 2, my shoes started to get all sloshy! There were holes in the soles of both of my shoes!

I’m sitting in class now and my feet are just freezing. It’s a really icky feeling… like there’s water swashing around in there, but it’s just my super-soaked socks. For some reason, I only have one pair of tennis shoes… guess it’s time to invest in another pair, and perhaps some rain/snow boots… I just hate buying shoes, because my feet are so weird. I have high arches on the top of my feet, but they are kinda flat on the bottom!

It’s really difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably, with the exception of trainers… flats are an absolute disaster, because the short toe piece just digs into the top of my foot. Yuck! I hate cold, rainy days… the predicted temperature for today was 65 degrees… and I don’t think we’ve hit 55 yet. So much for the weather reporters. I’ve decided I no longer trust the weather stations…they’re all just guessing. Not fun at all.


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