New Worlds

Originally posted 01 February 2010 @ 02:30 pm

The more I read, I am continually amazed by the power of the human mind. To create a scene of a place in time, whether real or imaginary, to put characters to that scene.

To put a plot or idea into words that fit into the scene, weaving a narrative that is intended to educate, to entertain, to achieve some sort of preconceived notion.

As a writer, I find beauty in critique, and appreciate it when people are kind enough to give some sort of constructive feedback in response to my writing. Weaving a story comes with practice, repetition, and revision, and people are busy, so I am continually honoured that they take time from their bustling schedules to review what I have written. Those words of wisdom never go unappreciated.

I feel bad when I have to put my writing on hiatus, because I find myself too busy with life to write creatively. I feel like I am being rude to my loyal readers and reviewers when I cannot come up with an idea to continue a story I have written. I know when people read my work, it only takes a small amount of their time, because there is so much out there to discover, but I am glad they do. Thank you, to all my readers and reviewers, and kudos to every other person who has been inspired to write a single sentence. I am grateful.


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