Car Accident

Originally posted 02 October 2009 @ 11:17 am

What an eventful day… an it’s not even noon yet. So today I missed over half of my sociology class, because we got into an accident this morning on the way to WSU.

Spinning out on the freeway? Yeah, not as awesome as one might think.

Hydroplaning? Not as cool as it sounds.

I’m pretty sure I screwed up my back/neck, my glasses are messed up, and D’s car is all but totaled on the outside… luckily, it still runs. He got a ticket, so hopefully he’ll fight that, because it wasn’t his fault the weather is shitty and fucking massive puddles form on the freeway. But at least it wasn’t my car, and we’re all alive. It was almost comical; out of three of us in the car, the glasses flew off all of our faces. Next time I get new frames, I’m getting plastic, no matter how they look.

So now, I have my math class at 1:30, going to the art store after that, then waiting for mum to pick us up. From there, we’ll drop off D and A, and pick up my car. Hopefully, nothing else goes wrong today.


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