Boys & Hair: My Perspective

I’ve decided that I really like the idea of boys with long hair/extensions. I’m not talking semi-long hair, I’m talking about hair that is comparable to, say, Bill Kaulitz or Adam Lambert in the video If I Had You.

I suppose this may have something to do with the fact that both of these men are pretty gorgeous, as in, could possibly be confused with very beautiful women. I do realise there is some sort of ‘vicious rivalry’ between the fans/followers of these two men, but I think that’s ridiculous – because they’re both pretty damn awesome in their own ways. If you would like more information about either music artist or their affiliations (i.e. Bill as part of Tokio Hotel)… just google it! I’m too lazy to find detailed information.

My fascination with this concept of boys and long hair, however, seems strange to me, because my boyfriend is the polar opposite; he basically has a really close-shaved haircut. Which I also like. He is also beautiful in his own way.

Other examples of this fascination of mine include but are not limited to: John Robinson a la ‘Lords of Dogtown’, Bob Marley, Domhnall Gleeson a la ‘Bill’ in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1’, Jamie Campbell Bower a la ‘Sweeney Todd’ or ‘Twilight’ series (the latter of which I detest on basic principle of altering years of tradition regarding the handling of the vampire genre), Kenny Wayne Shepherd in the 90’s, Miyavi, James Iha, and Steven Strait a la ‘Sky High’, among others. I don’t know where this fascination comes from, but I think it has become an acquired taste.

Mind you, this hair needs to be taken care of properly. Despite popular belief, dreadlocks can and often are beautifully cared for and kept! The same goes for men with long hair. I have known various men with long hair, and each of them is, of course, different in his own individual way. Very rarely have I met a guy in this day and age who has long hair that is unkempt.

Anyway, I guess I’m done with my rant about boys and long hair.


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