Originally published 18 August 2008 @ 2:16 pm

How Could They Choose Not To See?
She screams; no one hears.
She cries; no one sees her tears.
No one can see that she’s being abused
no one knows how she’s been used
and then left to die
with no choice to choose.

everything is falling apart
an emptiness overwhelms her heart
she beats on the walls; tries to escape
but it is as if everyone just listens, mouths agape.
“Her life is her business” is all they ever say.
eventually she wastes away

now they all gather around her grave.
knowing in their hearts, she could have been saved.
forever plagued with their horrible choice
in a way they killed her
this girl who no longer has a voice

they all act outraged
saying “why weren’t they stopped”
when they were too ignorant
to acknowledge there was a problem
and now they must live with what they have done
but most of all, what they have not.

And the Rain Came Down
The sky seemed to break open
And the rain came down
On the heads of the two people
Brought together by destiny
And held together by love

The thunder crackled
The lightning struck above
They huddled together for warmth
And ran for their lives
Though they were in no danger

The shelter they reached cradled them
The noise of raindrops on the roof
Lulling them to sleep
In eachother’s arms
And the rain came down

The angry sky gave way
To gentle rain so soft
As they emerged from safety
To dance wildly in the mist
Soft breeze blowing their hair

Turned and smiled at each other
Soaked to the core
Kissed with tender lips of fire
Sending shivers down their spines
Sweet and slowly insistent

And the rain came down…
And the rain came down…
And the rain came down…
And the rain came down…
And the rain…stopped.

For the lost,
The lonely.
The broken.

Line the path to sanity.
Further and further
Into the distance.

1000 nights,
1000 candles.
1000 lost souls.

Mass murders,

Claim the souls
Of the departed,
The gone.

Lit by the passion
Of the loved ones
Who have lost.


Is there a candle
Burning somewhere
For you?

To lead you home.

For the grieving.

The Summer
I’m the girl you never hear;
You never see;
I’m always there.
I don’t exist;
I’m invisible.

I know your name;
You don’t remember mine.
I’ve known you since grade school;
You forgot about me.

You look past me in the hall;
I stare at your back, walking away.
You could care less;
I’d love to get to know you, though.

You think I don’t care;
I care about everyone.
I’ve got your back;
You’ve stabbed me before.

You think I hate you;
Though you’ve never asked.
You see gray skies;
Every day I imagine blues.

You never bother yourself with these thoughts;
They haunt me every second.
You’ve lost the light in your eyes;
Mine are long gray.

I cannot see.
Bless you, you’ve noticed.

Thank you for clearing the shadows…
With your smile.
Your smile reminds me of the sunlight
I can’t see anymore.
Your smile makes me remember –
The summer comes every year.

Welcome To The End
Welcome to the end.
It greets you with open arms;
You don’t know when it’ll take you.
The love grips at your heart
Heavy with sorrows.
You pour out your hurt
With bruising and scars.
Sacred pain in the face of darkness.
Screaming silently to the sky;
You’ve reached your end.
Your box of photos
Confined to one space.
Your camera broken,
Lens shattered.
Where do you go when your body is numb?
The feeling is gone,
Your hands are cold.
Cheeks flushed,
Arms tired.
Fall into arms
Soft and warm.
Succumb, the air is so lovely.
Lilies, poison, darkness.
Droplets fall, crash onto leaves.
Eyes fill with wetness, watery, hot.
Magic touch;
Welcome to the end.
We’ve been waiting for you.

The curtains open;
She stands ‘en pointe’.
The melody floats passed her ears;
Her legs start to move.
Graceful, full of beauty,
She flows across the stage.
The twirls don’t make her dizzy anymore;
She doesn’t even need to remember the steps.
She’s done them so many times
Her body performs them so easily.
She compares her experience to something else entirely.
Unclean, impure, lovely thoughts.
Her shoe falls untied;
She falls.
The crowd gasps;
She recovers herself, unashamed.
They don’t know,
This is part of her routine.
The pain registers no longer;
Her toes have long since lost feeling.
The arc of her back is defined past reasonableness;
The visual is stunning.
The song is ending;
She keeps going.
The curtain falls;
She dances off-stage.
Tomorrow she’ll do the same, over.
Nothing ever changes.
Nothing ever stays the same.
She wonders when this will have to end;
She hopes it never does.


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