Pronounced [po-ster-i-tee]


1. Succeeding or future generations collectively.
i.e, Judgment of this age must be left to posterity.
2. All descendants of one person.
i.e., His fortune was gradually dissipated by his posterity.
1350–1400;  ME posterite  < L posteritās,  n. deriv. of posterus – coming after. See posterior, -ity



Okay, so maybe ‘posterity’ is a little over-the-top.  Either way, I hope to document my daily life in some way as I go through the rest of my college career (I’m a sophomore) and beyond.  Some people may think blogging is a waste of time, a frivolous, unimaginative, boring documentation of frivolous, unimaginative, boring things.

But I believe a blog can be much more.  It can be a place where someone can vent their problems, share their daily lives with those who are interested, and just plain be themselves.  They may be criticised for it, but that, too, will pass, like many other things in life, good and bad.

Anywhoo, here it is in all of it’s frivolous, unimaginitive, boring glory.

I’m going to start by going back to the beginning of my blogging, so my first few posts will be transferred from my blog at LiveJournal, which I fully intend to get rid of.


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